I offer individual counselling to youth and adults having difficulties coping with the natural ups and downs of life.  Some areas of particular interest and expertise include:

    • Worries and Anxiety
    • Low Mood and Depression
    • Trauma/PTSD 
    • Interpersonal Relationship Struggles (including parent-teen dynamics, struggles with family/peers/coworkers/intimate partners)
    • Life Transitions (i.e., graduation, new parenthood, separation/divorce, relocation, mid-life etc)
    • Gender Identity and Sexuality
    • Grief and Loss
    • Stress/ Overwhelm/ Perfectionism
    • Difficult life events from the past
    • Self-Esteem and Confidence
    • Values Clarification and Goal Setting

I meet with people in a variety of ways, whether video/virtual, phone or in-person at a beautiful and centrally located office setting in Victoria.  Virtual sessions can be an ideal option for some people, especially during COVID-19, including new parents with young children, clients who are home-bound or clients who live out of the Victoria area.  Please contact me to see if this is an option you would like to explore further.

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